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The Playboy Golfer

One of the first gift boxes created at Golf Guy Gifts was our Playboy themed gift box which was also our first ever gift box sold online.

Those of us that play golf on a regular basis interact with all sorts of characters on the golf course and we will be releasing more gift boxes in due course based on these infamous characters.

The character that intrigued me the most when playing at my local club was the Playboy Golfer.  Below are some of the characteristics that make up the Playboy Golfer:

Characteristics of the Playboy Golfer:

  • Dress code, above all else the Playboy Golfer will always have the sharpest outfit on when treading the fairways. 
  • The score and the competition are merely paperwork, the real competition for the Playboy Golfer is looking like he owns the course when he pulls into the car park.
  • A Playboy Golfer isn't required to play the game at a high standard, in fact a Playboy Golfer could be a high handicap golfer but his attitude and appearance often fools many into thinking they are in the presence of a pro-tour player.
  • No matter what happens on the course the Playboy Golfer will not get rattled or flustered, no club throwing or swearing.   His attitude remains calm and classy in the toughest of conditions. 
  • Other members love playing with the Playboy, his on course demeanor and positive attitude makes golf more enjoyable and stress free for his playing partners.  He has the ability to bring the best out of his playing partners. 

The Playboy Golfer Gift Box

Our Playboy themed gift box includes gifts perfect for this profile.  A classy pair of golf socks, an extremely sharp tartan hip-flask to enjoy a tipple while playing, plus some Taylor-Made golf balls, Lady tees and an adult themed fridge magnet.  I forgot to mention the Playboy Golfer has a wicked sense of humour when the opportunity arises. 

Which golfer do you play with that matches this profile or has the realisation just kicked in that you are in fact a Playboy Golfer? 

If it's the latter congrats, The Playboy Golfer is the coolest guy at your course and also the perfect partner to play your weekend round with.

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