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Golf Gift Ideas: Choose the Perfect Present for Any Golfer

If you have a golfer in your life and you are struggling for golf gift ideas to surprise them with then check out our Top 5 list below. 

The rundown covers the most popular golf gifts that we sell online and which type of golfer we think they are best suited to.

Our Top 5 Golf Gifts

1. Golf Gift Boxes
We sell a range of golf gift boxes both for men and women golfers on our website with various accessories such as golf balls, novelty golf socks, tees, divot tools, etc.

Our most popular gift box is called 'The All Rounder' and as the name suggests it's been carefully selected to suit golfers of all levels.  The All Rounder is pictured below and has gone through a few changes over the years but still remains our most popular gift box.  

If you're really struggling with golf gift ideas then the All Rounder is a safe bet and sure to keep that golfer happy.

Verdict: Suitable for all golfers, a sure-fire hit!

2. Personalised Scorecard Holders
These are leather scorecard holders that are laser engraved in house to add a personal touch. You can choose from five colours: grey, blue, pink, black, brown. You can also customise them with your own message or name.

No matter what level of golfer a scorecard holder is a great gift as it is both functional and can also have a special message engraved.

The majority of our orders are usually golfer's names and their golf club or nick-name but we do get quite a lot of funny requests and some messages which are very cruel but funny.  'Stop Hitting it in The Water' 'You Need Lessons' 'Shanker' etc etc, you get the idea.

Verdict: Suits the golfer who plays quite a lot: Can't go wrong with a personal message

Golf Scorecard Holder Personalised

3. Novelty Golf Socks
We have over 10 designs of novelty golf socks for both men and women golfers that are exclusive to Golf Gifts Direct. 

Our novelty golf socks are very popular as it's a fun gift without breaking the bank.  This is more on the funnier side of golf with the various images and phrases on the socks depending on what type of golfer you are buying for.

Verdict: Suits the weekend warrior who doesn't take the game too seriously: playful and won't break the bank.

4. Golf Headcovers by Daphne's:
We offer a wide range of Driver and Hybrid Head Covers with over 40 to choose from, all produced by Daphne's in America who are known as the original headcover company.

From playful animals to quirky characters, our Novelty Golf Head Covers are sure to turn heads on the course and this one is a great idea for a golf gift that the golfer in your life might not be expecting.

Daphne's headcovers are carried by more than 200 touring pros in the PGA and LPGA and are available in pro shops in the U.S. and in more than 75 countries around the world.  The golfer in your life will be very happy to receive a Daphne's headcover as they are the best in the business.

Verdict: Suits the golfer that likes to look good on the course and look after their precious clubs.

Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Headcovers

5. Golf Mugs:
Yes, it's just a golf mug but we have some cracking designs sure to be a hit with the golfer your shopping for.  Ability on the golf course doesn't count for too much when selecting a golf mug, just pick the design you like the best or the one that will make you laugh the most. 

We have 8 exclusive designs to Golf Gifts Direct and you can choose from the regular ceramic mug or one of our camping-style mugs which are virtually unbreakable and becoming very popular.

Verdict: Suits any golfer that drinks tea or coffee, fun designs always a win.

Golf Gift Ideas - Novelty Golf Mugs

These are just some of the amazing golf gifts that you can find at Golf Gifts Direct. You can also browse through our other categories to check out what else we have on offer.

So what are you waiting for? Order your perfect golf gift today from Golf Gifts Direct and surprise your loved one with something special and memorable. 

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